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Nature Malachite Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

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Introducing the Nature Malachite Pearl Necklace and Bracelet. This exquisite set is carefully crafted from malachite, which is believed to represent everything green and natural in the world. Its beautiful and unique patterns make it truly charming, allowing you to feel grounded and healed when wearing it. Malachite also stimulates growth, teaching you the importance of taking your time with important tasks to pay attention to detail and resist needing instant gratification. The pearl clasp offers powerful calming effects that give a sense of inner confidence and wisdom to help tackle life’s unexpected challenges while providing protection. Treat yourself or someone special with this exclusive piece of Nature today!



Product Details:Item Type: Necklace, BraceletNecklace Length: 43+5cmBracelet Length: 17cmMaterial: Malachite, Zinc Alloy